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Musicians like to jam

English-speaking musicians like to Jam but french-speaking ones prefer to Beef, cartoon by Beach

I is for Interrobang

An illustrated history of the Interrobang by illustrator Beach

A Trip to the Cigarette Factory

Comic strip illustration of a school trip to the local cigarette factory when I was six, by the illustrator Beach

And yes, they really did give us all a cigarette each…

M is for Manicule

Typography Illustration of the Manicule aka fist or pointy hand and its manifold uses by the illustrator Beach

Today is National ‘Bring Your Cold to Work Day’

Cartoon illustration of an astronaut sneezing into his spacesuit by the illustrator Beach

Leonard (my grandfather’s pet lion)

The story of my grandfather and his pet lion by the illustrator Beach

O is for Octothorpe

O is for Octothorpe aka hash number or pound sign typography illustration by Beach

Rubbish Superheroes #1

Cartoon comic book cover for a rubbish superhero called Terms and Conditions Apply Man by Beach